Erec Tablet Review

Erec Tablet Review: Will Down to Earth Price Get you Acceptable Quality Drug?

Brand: Erec

Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate

Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction

Manufacturer: Adwia Pharmaceuticals

Country of Manufacture: Egypt

Erec Tablet Image

Review and Description

Erec Tablet is medicine for erectile issues in men that has sildenafil which blocks the phosphodiesterase 5 in the penis and increases cyclic guanosine monophosphate, thus mediating the vasodilation in the penis, and better blood flow. As the blood flow increases towards the corpus cavernous of the penis, the pressure inside this soft tissue increases, and thus men get the erection. It only works in the presence of sexual stimulation.

Erec is made by an Egyptian company called Adwia Pharmaceuticals Co. Adwia came into existence in 1984 and started making drugs in 1998. It is now one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Egypt and Middle East region. It makes drugs both for human and animal health. The company sells its products to various Asian and African countries and is also slowly making entry to East European countries. It produces drugs to treat many different disease conditions, from cardiology to endocrinology, infections to neurological diseases and much more.

Though Adwia is a fast growing company, still it is not a company that is known for high pharmaceutical manufacturing standards. It is all because of low regulations regarding the pharma manufacturing in the Egypt. We do not intend to suggest that Adwia produces low-quality drugs, but just want to say that the standards of production in the mentioned country are usually not very high. As it is still a nation that is struggling to meet the local demands. Moreover, Egyptian companies often focus a lot on African countries looking for cheap drugs.

Customer Reviews

Egypt is famous for pyramids but surely not for quality pharmaceutical production. Adwia Pharmaceutical Co is no exception; it is a company with little standing outside the country of origin. Erec is not much appreciated outside the Egypt and reviews of this product are absent. Useless to mention that if neither the company nor the product has any repute, it would be difficult if not impossible to form any positive opinion about such a drug. It is not some rare drug. Thus it would be far better to look for a product from the renowned company, and a product that has good online reviews. Just search for a Viagra or sildenafil, and you will not have any difficulty in finding the right medicine for your erectile problem.

Pricing and Dosage

The price of this product is amazingly low; it can be regarded as one of the cheapest of sildenafil drugs. With one pill of 100 mg costing barely 30 cents, one cannot get anything cheaper than that. Though tablet is available in only 100 mg, one can try starting treatment with 50 mg, by dividing the tablet into two halves. If dissatisfied with the results, the dose may be increased to 100 mg.

How to Buy Erec Tablet Online

How to Buy Erec Tablet Online

Well, if you have decided to give this tablet a try, it is going to be a disheartening task as the product is rarely seen on any online medical pharmacy. It is a product that is primarily sold in the local Egyptian markets or supplied to some of the neighboring nations. Even if you find it on some Egyptian online website, they are rarely willing to ship the product to any country outside the African continent.

How to Use

As the tablet is sold only in the 100 mg pill, the company recommends to divide the pill in half and take 50 mg to start the treatment. Only increase the dose to 100 mg, if the half tablet fails to give satisfactory results. Don’t repeat the dose in 24 hours, even if it did not help, better increase the dose on next day. For optimal and powerful effect, take it one hour before the sex.

Side Effects

As per the company’s website, Erec is a well-tolerated pill, rarely causing headaches, photosensitive reactions, hypotension and gastric troubles. In sporadic cases, one may get a prolonged and painful erection.

Also, the company recommends precaution in men older than 65 or men suffering from heart diseases. Dose correction may need if person’s kidneys or liver is not working properly.

Conclusion with Rating

Erec is sildenafil based drug from a country famous for pyramids. It is a pill that helps in the treatment of impotence. This product has also been tried to improve sexual function in women, though with only limited success. It may also be used to treat a rare condition called pulmonary arterial hypertension, as it dilates the blood vessels in lungs.

There are no customer reviews or reviews on this product, as it is not much sold outside the Egypt, not a drug having much demand in the online world. A reputable Egyptian company makes it that is famous in the local market and is regarded as decent by local standards, though not very high standards if we compare with EU or the US.

The pill is amazingly cheap, thus if one can get this product, then surely, it can be given a try. We would still give this product only 2-star rating, as no one reviewed this product and availability is a big problem with this pill. Thus for those living outside the Egypt, this medicine may not be an option for treating the erectile dysfunction. Further for residents of Egypt, it would be better to get local doctors view before buying it.